Thursday, 30 January 2014

Review - Miss Luxe clothing

Hi everyone, today's post is going to be about miss luxe. Miss Luxe is a women's fashion and beauty e-tailer. miss luxe say there clothes are " unique, vibrant and expressive", they sell  branded, unbranded and own label fashion at an affordable price.

Miss Luxe kindly sent be the black heart jumper to review and I have to say am completely and utterly in love with it! On the website I don't think it looks half as good as it does in real life and it doesn't look as thick and comfy as it actually is.From the moment I got this jumper I fell in love with it and cant bring myself to where anything else, its just so comfy and keep me so warm in this awful British weather.

I love the heart design on this jumper and think its perfect for valentines day which is coming up soon! I've been wearing this jumper with shirts underneath so the collars poking out and legging for a comfy laid back look.( there be an outfit post soon)

This jumper is great value for money at £14.99 so very affordable and well worth buying as i assure you, you wont want to take it off! I would suggest going on Miss Luxe website because they have some amazing pieces! I love there knitwear and jewellery best but they also have some amazing going out dresses too!

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Review - seventeen brows that! bow kit

Seventeen brow's that! brow kit - £6.00

This little kit from seventeen is meant to have everything you need to have fabulous brows.The kit contains a wax, powder, highlighter, pencil, brush and a hints and tips card to help you achieve your perfect brows.

This brow kit is very similar to the benefits brows a go go kit which costs £27.50 and  benefits brow zings kit which costs £23.50 and the sleek brows kit which costs £8.49. I would say its more like the benefit brows a go go kit than the sleek brow kit and the other benefit kit because the benefit brows a go go kit has a pencil and highlighter like the seventeen one.I have never tried the sleek or benefit brows kit but i have tried the benefit brow zings wax and eye bright in the smokin eyes set so can compare it a little to that.

The wax in the benefit go go brow kit is darker than the seventeen wax and is probably a bit easier to apply only because i feel you can get more wax on your brush at once with the benefit one meaning you don't have to keep dipping it back in the wax taking up time. The benefit brows a go go kit only comes in one colour like the seventeen one but the sleek and other benefit kit comes in more colours.

The seventeen brow kit colour wise if probably for brown eyebrows, it could be light to medium and maybe dark if you add more product to darken it up but i wouldn't recommend it for really fair or really dark eyebrows.The wax is smooth and easy to apply and so is the powder, the highlight is a lovely colour and again easy to apply as its a soft eye shadow.The pencil i have only used once and it gives you very neat but a more drawn on look as you can be very precise but it its still very handy to have.

Overall i think the seventeen brow kit is amazing and is the cheapest out of the other brow kits i mentioned and is a fraction of the price of the most similar benefit kit so it is well worth its small price tag of £6.00.

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